Scribe Signwriting


Other websites you may find interesting.....

Craftmaster Paints:

Suppliers of British made, superb quality coach enamels developed specifically for brush painting. Stockists of Purdy Brushes and painting sundries.

Habberley Meadows:

Suppliers of gold leaf, bronze powders, signwriting paints and brushes.

Troy By Design:

An interior design company with a difference, specializing in polished plaster finishes, gilding and all manner of decorative paint finishes.

Sarah Fereday:

Ceramics and craft workshops, community art projects and commissions. 

John Sanderson:

Superb quality traditional painting services for boats and vehicles. 

Phil Speight:

Narrowboat and general signwriter with flair and life! Also runs courses and talks on boat painting and decoration.

Canal Junction:

Useful site for services and information on the inland waterways.

Tom Harvey:

Large scale wood sculpture commissions, sculptural seating and community art projects to make parks and other public places truly special. 

The Cutout Company:

Specialists in self adhesive stencils for decorative finishes including gilding. Inspiring artwork and finished to perfection.

Puddling Cruisers:

A stunning luxury wide beam boat for hire on the Grand Union Canal. A family run business which shows how hire boats can be done!