A fascination with 3-D paint effects coupled with a real sense of fun have led to several mural projects based on the historic art of Trompe L’Oiel painting (meaning literally ‘to trick the eye’).

The aim of these murals is to create ‘A Room With A View’, by painting in a window, archway or other aperture and an imaginary scene beyond. The world (and beyond) is your oyster!

Depending on size and complexity of design, murals can take anywhere upwards of two days to complete. This means they can be a very personal gift  which is affordable and unique. Non – toxic paint is used for interior murals so it is entirely safe for rooms to be used immediately after the work is completed (just try keeping a four year old out of her bedroom when you have just finished her Really Big Picture!).

We are also keen to bring this type of artwork into places such as care homes and respite centres, as these are often places where people could benefit hugely from being visually stimulated. If it is not possible for someone to have a sea view, or a vista of pine trees and mountains from their room, why not create one for them? A reduction in fees can be negotiated for worthy projects so please contact us for a no-obligation quote and initial design ideas.

John Pugh, a world famous trompe l’oiel muralist, once said, ‘It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked’.